Are you Ready to Move up a Level?

As you progress as a sit n go player, moving up stake levels and maximizing your time at the tables is something that you will be looking to do. You'll want to move up from micro stakes, through mid level, and of course should all be going well then on to high stakes sit n go's. We'll use these three levels of stakes to look at the types of players that you will come across at that level, but just a few words in general first.

Let's imagine you're playing at $5 sit n go tables. Your next move should be the $11 tables, but does this mean that the players you'll find there are twice as good? No, of course not as there is a large overlap of players between similar stake levels, in fact many casual players will pick and choose between these levels, even in a single session. So what's the general difference? We'll try and explain here, but much depends on the room, the time of day you are playing and if the site you are playing at is experiencing a certain kind of traffic maybe due to a particular promotion.

Micro and Low Stakes Sit n Go Players

Very low stakes tables are exactly what you would expect them to be, and that is full of recreational players, casual sit n go players who may know a little about the game, however their strategy will in no way go beyond the very basics. Expect the usual tight play and of course huge bluffs. Quite possibly easy to do well here in terms of getting in the money seats, however, those money seats will not pay you that much, and one big question here is, is this really worth my time? As you hit around the $10 mark you'll find much better players, but still a whole lot of casual players too, and in balancing your time and expected income, $5 to $10 tables is where you should be starting out, presuming you have above average poker know how.

Mid Stakes Sit n Go Players

Sat at tables between $20 and $50 buy in level is where you will come across many sit n go grinders, and bumping into a bunch of these in a single session can be hard work. However, you will still find recreational players that are trying their luck, and at any given table you can expect a few of these. These are the tables you will see the regular players that are trying to do just the same as you, and from there it's your call...if you think you are better than take them on, however some you may want to get to know, and avoid.

High Stakes Sit n Go Players

We'll take anything over a $50 buy in as high stakes and while other sites may tell you that it's over $100, we believe that at $50 the game changes sufficiently to warrant it as a high stakes table. At high stakes tables you will of course see the experts, those players who have the knowledge and the bankroll to prove it. You'll need a big bankroll and a pretty good set of skills to compete at this level, and if you are unsure, then do not risk playing at this level. It can destroy your bankroll, and your confidence in just a few sessions. That said however, should you believe you are capable of holding your own with what are professional or semi professional players then that is your call.

When to Move Levels

It's not just your poker skills that should determine whether or not you are ready for the next level, but you will also need to know how to manage your bankroll, where and when to play, as well as having the courage to say that you made a mistake, and move back to a level where you discovered success. Take your time when considering taking things up a gear and maybe consider putting a separate bankroll in place to test the water, maybe take 20% of your bankroll and find out if you are making the right decision. You should always play at the level where you feel comfortable and of even though at that level you will have some bad days, you know that you can play your way out of it.