How to Build Your SNG Bankroll

Sit n go grinders all have one thing in common and that's they want to build their bankroll. It's why they spend so much free time at the tables and of they enjoy playing poker online, but for this article that is presumed. You will need to define what you are playing for, i.e, is it to eventually make a living from it or is it a nice sideline adding to your regular income? One thing you most definitely do not want to be doing is pinning all of your hopes on immediately making your fortune...they do not call it sit n go grinding for nothing. It's assumed here that you know the basics of sit n go strategy, and that you have at least played and practiced for a short while, and that taking things to the next level is what you are looking to do.

Your Sit n Go Starting Bankroll

Your sit n go starting bankroll is important, and a commonly asked question when starting out playing sit n go's, is exactly what should my starting bankroll be? There is of course no absolute correct answer and many players start with whatever they can afford, however there are certain guidelines that should be followed. We'll use round numbers and give an example of what, in theory, a good starting bankroll should be.

Most sit n go players will not see swings of more than 30 buy ins in losses, so with that in mind think about a starting bankroll of around 30 times the buy in amount you intend to play, and of course new players should stick to the lower end of the buy in scale. As a precaution, you may wish to add another 20 buy ins on top, that really is your call, if you're feeling confident, you could go lower, and again, it is your call, but remember the 30 buy in swing.

Managing Your Bankroll

So you have decided on a sit n go stake level to play at, and with that you've chosen the amount you wish to begin with, leaving aside the actual playing of the tourneys, the next most important thing is managing your money. There are a few rules you should stick to and all of them equally important.

Every player will go through a period when nothing goes there way, it's the natural course of events and when this happens, do not get frustrated, do not move up the stakes and chase your money, just take a short break and focus on something else for a while. Frustration can be a bankroll killer, especially in the early days, however this changes as time goes by and you start to see the bad streaks coming, you are OK with them and you take them as they come. An experienced sit n go player, will shrug their shoulders, and come back another day, they will not get up tight and start playing off strategy. You need to protect your bankroll, and playing when in this situation will do nothing but put you deeper in trouble.

There is no doubt that playing sit n gos can frustrate, you are doing everything the same but you seem to be losing a lot more than you should be, and this happens, bad swings are part of the game. Stick to your gameplan, walk away if needed and the good results will return.