The Value of a Loyalty Program for Sit n Go Players

Playing sit n go tournaments does of course offer you the chance to build a good bankroll and earn cash from playing the game that you love, however, as all sit n go grinders know, every single cent counts and you need to make the most of whatever your poker room of choice offers you. This is where the value of a good loyalty program can really make a difference, and sit n go players should never take for granted, or underestimate that points, really do mean cash. A good loyalty program should offer players options of how to make the most out of their regular play, and be that by turning points into cash or giving you free tournament entries, you should take the time to get to know about the loyalty program at your poker room, and what those points could do for you.

Take Advantage of Poker Room Competition

Every US online poker room is out to get your business. They want players on tables and the more the better, and therefore a good loyalty program is a valuable tool in attracting serious players, especially sit n go players. There is of course also a retention aspect in place in that as you start building those points, you don't want to go and play anywhere else, as you are accumulating valuable points and this keeps you at their tables.

All loyalty programs work in a similar way in that you get points every time you play a real money poker hand (at least one that the room takes rake in) or when you buy in to a tournament or a sit n go tournament. Sit n go players can and do play many sit n go tournaments in a single session, and you will build up that points balance very quickly when playing regularly. As you build points you will also move up the levels of the loyalty program and as well as your points being more valuable, you will also gain points at a better rate. Each room has its own equation as to how the points are worked out, and this is why it's worth taking a look at each loyalty program, as well as of course, what's actually on offer for your points.

What Do You Want For Your Points?

Sit n go grinders play for cash, it really is as simple as that. As far as a sit n go player is concerned, cash is king and that's all that matters, it's the reason they login in the first place. With that in mind you should look for a loyalty program that offers you the chance to boost your bankroll, by whatever means. Many loyalty programs will offer you the option of exchanging your points directly for cash...this is great, however you'll find that you will not be getting a great exchange rate. For this reason many players will build up their points and use them as tournament tickets, sit n go buy ins or whatever else they can that allows them to play poker, rather than simply cashing them in. A good player will know that they have a better chance of making more money by 'playing' with the points rather than simply exchanging them.

Loyalty programs can make a difference to a room, and what you may earn from it. You need to think of loyalty points as a form of currency, which is in fact exactly what they are, and just like any other form of currency, you should be looking for the best exchange rate possible. All rooms you will find on this site will offer good loyalty programs, take a look at them, even sign up to a few of them and get the full details on each.