5 Ways To a Better Sit n Go Game

Should you be considering playing sit n go poker tournaments to either earn a little extra cash on the side, or maybe one day making it full time, then there is a lot to learn. The best sit n go grinders can make a healthy living by putting in the hours multi tabling each day, however to become a profitable sit and go player you'll need to know more than simply how to actually play the game of poker. You'll need to be able to manage your money well, you will most definitely need a huge amount of self control, you'll need to be fairly technologically savvy and you will need a certain degree of professionalism meaning that on occasion you'll have to put playing poker before other things that you may enjoy doing. Here we will take a look at a few things that can help you reach your goal of making money from playing your favorite game.

1 - Managing Your Bankroll

Your bankroll is key and it is what you need to both build and protect at the same time. Everything centers around your bankroll and you need to manage this side of sit n go grinding with care. The article here on bankroll management will help you with that however needless to say, without money management skills your poker playing and sit n go grinding skills become almost irrelevant. Being able to manage your bankroll also means that you are more confident when playing, secure in the knowledge that you know how to handle your funds, leaving your mind free to concentrate on your game, and keep that bankroll heading in the right direction.

2 - Technology and Multi Tabling

Using the tools available to you in order to better your game will also help in when trying to keep the cash coming in. For some players this will be very easy, and learning to both multi table and use notes features and all the tools available both built in to the poker software you are using, and external additions will come easy. Other may have to put a few hours in to get up to speed with this aspect of the game, but it will be time well spent.

3 - Choosing Where to Play

As a sit n go grinder you will of course need to choose your poker rooms carefully and on this site you'll find the best online poker rooms for US players. There is however a little more to it than that, in that it's possible you'll need to sign up and play at more than one room so that when you are putting time aside to play, you'll find plenty of traffic and money on the tables. All poker rooms right here will have US friendly depositing and cash out options and all will provide the games and stake levels that you are looking for.

4 - Make Sure that You are Enjoying Your Poker

This is common sense in that if you are not enjoying grinding then there is no point and the exercise will inevitably fail. You will need to put in the hours to make money, and therefore it stands to reason that if you are not having a good time then maybe it's not for you. Enjoyment of the game runs hand in hand with success.

5 - Knowing When to Switch Levels

Knowing when to move up a level, and just as importantly back down are other key factors, as a wrong decision moving up could be costly, and delaying the decision to move back down can finish off your bankroll. Take your time and test the water when considering moving up the stakes, and never be afraid to admit that you made a mistake and move back down. Many players find their level and stick to it for a very long time, as they are happy playing there, they are earning a solid amount at the tables and very importantly they know that by staying exactly where they are, their bankroll will continue to go in the right direction.