The Bankroll Builder at Carbon Poker

With a promotion that just perfect for the sit n go poker player Carbon Poker have launched their Bankroll Builder offering that rewards all players for their daily play. This is a superb deal that is offering all players at Carbon the chance to win $10,000 for hitting specific targets over a number of days during the month.

All you need to do is keep on earning VIP points and hit those goals and the free cash comes rolling your way, and for a sit n go player that's one big Bankroll Builder indeed. You'll need to play at Carbon Poker for at least 15 days per month, however for the bigger prizes you need to make that 20 or even 25 days, and for a sit n go grinder that is not much at all, many players will be doing that already. A few examples of how much you can win are, at the very lowest level and should you play 15 days and earn 2,500 points per day you will get $200 free. Let's say you play 20 days and accumulate 5,000 points per day, you will then be rewarded with $1,400, however the real big cash prizes are for those serious sit n go grinders and should you hit the felt for 25 days and earn 10,000 points then you will take home a cool $10,000. That's a very nice amount of cash, especially for simply playing your game at Carbon, and even at the lower end of the scale it does make it worth you playing that little extra.

You will of course need to get signed up to Carbon Poker and once you've done that then you'll need to opt in to the promotion. Carbon will then track how well your doing, the points you have earned and the cash that's on it's way to you. This is a great offer and surely one that's well worth taking advantage of right now...and let's not forget that 200% welcome bonus up to $5,000 too!