SNG Multi Table Strategy

There is a big difference in strategy when playing a multi table sit n go as opposed to a single table sit n go tourney. First up, what is a multi table sit n go? In actual terms it could be any tournament with more than 1 table, however with that you are getting into the realm of large tournaments, that as a sit n go grinder you may not be wanting to play, so for our purposes we will class a multi table sit n go as a tourney with between 18 and 45 players, i.e 2 and 5 tables of 9 players.

The Differences in Single and Multi Table Play

The basic key to single table sit n go strategy is to play tight at the beginning, ease up toward the middle stages and push hard towards the end, however does that work in the slightly larger tournaments? To a certain extent yes, however you will find that with more tables being played, you will be up against 5+ players most of the time and therefore playing tight consistently in the early stages may not work as well. You will need to take advantages of opportunities early and keep steadily building your chip stack as by the time you get close to the bubble the blinds will be large and smaller stacks are left with little chance of a ,money seat. This is important as a multi table sit n go can take a while to play, and as a grinder your time at the tables is valuable, meaning that you don't want to have wasted over an hour getting close to the money, only for your short stack to be eaten up by posting blinds.

A Constant Growing Stack

Your key to success in multi table 18 to 45 player tournaments lies in keeping your chip stack moving in the right direction. While in single table tourneys you can afford to sit back, watch other players fall by the wayside and make your move late on with premium hands, in the multi table format you should be actively trying to grow your stack.

Hit the Final Table Running

While taking a steady approach but not playing too tightly combined with making the most from premium hands, you should be in a good position when you hit the final table. This is imperative as blinds will be large. You will also see that at the final table, short stacks will disappear quickly leaving you with a good shot at the cash.