Turbo Sit n Go Strategy

Bovada Casino

You will find many players that stay away from turbo sit n go tournaments. The blind levels rise very quickly and with each level it can feel like you are being forced into making bets that you know you should not be making. Many players also believe that turbo sit n go tourneys are pokers purest form of gambling and that plenty of the poker skills you've picked up are thrown out of the window during this type of tournament....and to a certain extent they are true. For a while when playing turbo sit n go tournaments you really do need to be able to forget all that you know about playing the game of poker and make what you would normally class as bad moves, risky calls and all or nothing bets.

It's Aggressive From The Off!

When you take your seat at a turbo sit n go, the best thing to do is not get too comfortable...you won't be there that long. With the blind levels increasing so quickly, should you sit there and do too little for too long then you'll find yourself with no choice but going in with whatever pocket cards you have, and you should try and avoid this at all costs.

You will need to be aggressive from hand one and play cards that you wouldn't normally dream playing. Do not sit around waiting for that high pair or two picture cards as your stack could be well and truly demolished before you get them. It happens all too often in turbo sit n go tournaments that you wait for the 'good' cards to come along and then they either never come, or when they do you manage to double up on a small stack that hardly makes a dent into the others players lead.

Building a Bankroll Playing Turbo Sit n Go Tournaments

Many players will find it difficult to build a bankroll when playing turbo sit n go tournaments, and not to be too downbeat on trying this, it is very tricky. You'll find that you'll see large swings in your bankroll as some turbo tournaments can be over very quickly and before you know it you've not made the money in far too many attempts. On the other hand, you'll also see fast upswings when things just go your way, and the thing to always remember when playing turbo sit n go's is that you'll see plenty of hands, very quickly meaning that the bad beats and the lucky breaks will come thick and fast.