Carbon Poker Sit n Go Boost Promotion

Every serious sit n grinder knows that VIP and loyalty points are a huge help in building a bankroll. All rooms will allow you to exchange these loyalty points for cash, which means that as a real money sit n go player you will want to take advantage of a great loyalty program, and any promotion that involves you getting an increase in the amount of points you receive from your online poker room of choice.

This is where the Carbon Poker Sit n Go Boost promotion can really help you out, and to be a part of it you will of course need to play your sit n go games at Carbon Poker, and make sure that you have the promotion activated in the lobby. This will then, during any Carbon Poker Sit n Go Boost promotion period, boost the value of your loyalty points by a cool 10%, which may not sound much, but as grinders will tell you, any help that you can get is a good thing, and even a fraction of assistance, be that with points or cash should always be taken.

Carbon Poker also offer sit n go leaderboard promotions that you should also be involved in, and each month $25,000 is up for grabs. The leaderboards are run in two week periods over the course of a month and there are 4 leaderboards in total. The 4 leaderboards are for Micro, Low, Mid and High stakes players meaning that everyone can get rewarded, even when playing at the smallest levels. Add on top the 200% welcome bonus up to $5,000 and you'll see that Carbon Poker really is a great place to build a sit n go bankroll, and it is the choice for many US sit n go grinders.